Vacca Coffeehouse

Website · Photography


Vacca Coffeehouse reflects the evolving needs of the local businesses in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ways for customers to place orders with the least amount of contact.

With that in mind, Spraycan Creative worked with Vacca Coffeehouse to create a website friendly to meet these needs. Spraycan created a fully functioning menu ordering and information hub for Vacca customers to order coffee, ice cream, and other treats through the pandemic without any hassle.

Vacca Coffeehouse Website on a laptop
Vacca Coffeehouse Berry Waffle
Vacca Coffeehouse Coffees
cookies on display


Vacca has some very charming sweets and handcrafted drinks that we captured to use for the menu and other graphics on the website. 

Vacca Coffeehouse Frappe
coffee being made
protein bar
Shelf of ice cream cones and cups
hot chocolate
bacon egg and cheese biscuit
Vacca Coffeehouse Espresso
Vacca Coffeehouse Sandwich
cinnamon roll
light fixture
carrot cake
coffee beans
Vacca Coffeehouse Salad