The Vitality Mill

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The Vitality Mill is more than just a gym. With workouts customized to you as well as a goal setting system to help your life outside the gym, Vitality Mill is great for anyone who wants to get their life on the right track.

With that in mind, SprayCan Creative worked with Vitality Mill owner, Seth a website to work as a central hub for information for potential clients as well as a portal for members’ only materials. 

Vitality Mill Website on a laptop
Vitality Mill Member Exercising
Vitality Mill Member Exercising
Vitality Mill Logo


There are so many stories to tell when it comes to the Vitality Mill. Whether it is how the Vitality Mill came to be, an encouraging word, or even a nice set of workouts to do at home- we want to tell that story. SprayCan Creative has been working with the Vitality Mill to create videos that explain the core parts of the Vitality Mill.