The Needham Companies

The Needham Companies
Branding - Website

The Needham Companies is a set of companies dealing with different aspects of the energy business. Needham works in various roles for projects based in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, New Mexico, Colorado, Arkansas, and Wyoming. The Needham Companies needed branding that could encompass and represent all five companies under the Needham umbrella. SprayCan Creative worked with Needham to create a set of brand guidelines to be used by each company to make sure that Needham’s brand stays consistent.


With a brand to represent all five aspects of The Needham Companies, the next challenge was to create a website to represent and inform clients of each branch. A landing page where clients could easily explore and access information about the five subsidiaries within the Needham Companies was created, along with each corresponding company’s page. This allows for a perfect balance of separation and unity within the site that mirrors The Needham Companies’ business model.

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