Hilltop Clinic

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Mockup of Website on iMac


Hilltop Clinic offers quality pediatric care to the families of OKC’s South Side. Hilltop needed a site where their patients’ parents could get all the info they needed before bringing their kids in to be seen.

Hilltop offers many services for their patients, with the hope to add many more with the help of donations. Hilltop is also bilingual, with Spanish translation services available for those who need it. For this reason, Spraycan also created a version of the site translated to Spanish.

Mockup of website on phones

Photography & Video

It was important that the actual patients of Hilltop were represented in the photography and video on the site. Several patients and their parents volunteered their time and their smiling faces for a photo & video shoot.

Pediatrician listening to child's heart
pediatrician looking into child's ear
Hilltop Clinic Sign
Woman with her children in the waiting room
Children in the waiting room
pediatrician listening to teen's heart