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Gateway Express Testing
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Gateway Express Testing opened in 2009 as Gateway Women’s Resource Center. For the first 8 years, they operated serving women who found themselves with an unplanned pregnancy get tested and counsel them on their options. They realized that they could serve more people by expanding their services to sexual health testing and that they would need a rebrand to reflect this addition. SprayCan Creative collaborated with the Gateway team to create a new brand that focused on highlighting the clinic side of Gateway’s services and creating a calming and welcoming experience for their patients.

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With a complete rebrand done, it was time to give the Gateway website a redesign. We wanted to create a web presence that focused on providing useful sexual health information, a confidential appointment scheduling system, and a calming browsing experience for people during their time of uncertainty. In addition to the clinic site, a site for donors was also created to showcase fundraising events and create a space for online donations.

Visit the clinic site: >>

Visit the donor site: >>

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