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Fatcap is an apparel company specializing in esports jerseys. Spraycan worked with Fatcap to create a brand that pays tribute to graffiti and the video gaming of yesteryear.

Fatcap is all about being bold- taking its name from the  spraypaint cap that produces the most paint. With the best drip in esports, Fatcap wants the esports world to look cool as heck. 

fatcap logo
fatcap business cards
fatcap stickers
fatcap website on laptop


With the Fatcap website, we were given permission to break all the rules. Their website was an opportunity to pay tribute to the sites of the 90’s and early 2000’s

gameboy with fatcap man on it
cool kids ordering jerseys on the fatcap website

Product Photography

What better place to do a photo shoot for Fatcap’s jerseys than an arcade?  Between games of pinball and DDR showdowns, we got some pretty rad shots of Fatcap jerseys in action.

teenagers in fatcap jerseys
teenagers in fatcap jerseys
teenagers in fatcap jerseys
teenagers opening new fatcap jersey
fatcap jersey
teenagers in fatcap jerseys
man in fatcap jersey