Dr. Martha Arambula, Pediatrician

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Dr. Martha Arambula, Zachary Smith ARNP, and the rest of their amazing pediatric team work together to help serve and care for kids- sick or well.  SprayCan Creative designed a website that displays policies and philosophies, provides an easy way to access payment and patient portals, and shows the friendly and professional attitude that they maintain in their office.

dr arambula website laptop mockup
dr arambula website phone mockup
Dr Arambula's Staff being filmed by Patrick


The doctor’s office can be a scary place for a kid. One thing that we wanted to do is have a video showing kids at the clinic having positive experiences with the staff. This video can be used as a tool for parents to help alleviate any stress that their child may have. It also offers a glimpse into everyday life in their office from a kid’s-eye view.