Cimarron Electric Cooperative

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Cimarron Electric Cooperative provides electricity to people in western rural Oklahoma. Of course, Cimarron doesn’t need to convince their customers to purchase electricity- it’s a necessity! Their main advertising focus is promoting safety and supporting the communities they serve. SprayCan works with Cimarron to create monthly campaigns to promote this message of safety and community.

Each campaign begins with a video. From the style and message of the video, other materials such as social media graphics and newspaper advertising fall into place.

cimarron facebook page mockup

Advertising Campaign

With video as the primary force behind the campaigns, we chose two avenues of reaching Cimarron Electric customers: newspaper ads and social media. Through these two channels, Cimarron can inform and interact with their customers online, while also supporting local newspapers and informing their readership.


We put together a website for Cimarron Electric that further allows Cimarron to communicate with their members and potential members. Website visitors can view an interactive map of the districts that Cimarron covers on the home page. Throughout the site, members can find safety tips as well as learn about tools that Cimarron has to offer.