Buttersweet Cupcakes

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ButterSweet Cupcakes had all the ingredients for an amazing bakery: fresh baked goods, an amazing staff, and a great work ethic. The only thing missing? Branding. We worked with ButterSweet to create an established and cohesive brand to use as their cupcake empire grows.

Beyond the typical logo and color rules, we also developed adorable mascots based on their cupcake flavors. We call them ‘The Flavor Friends’. The Flavor Friends were used for advertising, packaging, and merch items.

Buttersweet Cupcakes Logo
buttersweet cupcakes signage
buttersweet cupcakes menu, flavor guide, and stickers
waving cupcake gif
Laptop mockup of the buttersweet website


With non-stop, call-in orders from customers wanting ButterSweet’s delicious baked goods, we knew what the next step for ButterSweet was to create an online ordering system. SprayCan created a completely responsive website where customers could customize an order of a dozen or more cupcakes and other confections. This allowed the ButterSweet team to focus their energy more on making sweet treats and providing amazing, in-store customer service.

Visit ButterSweetCupcakes.com >>

phone mockup of the buttersweet website


As part of website creation, Spraycan Creative took photos of all the delectable menu items.  The backgrounds of the images were then removed and the photos added to the menu on the website.