Intern Spotlight

Adelaide’s Picks Being an intern at Spraycan, I have learned the importance of making connections with people. Networking brings in countless opportunities and is a big key to success, as well as being able to meet cool people. Layla’s Picks Over the course of my last five months at Spraycan I have learned an immense […]

Patrick’s 2024 Inspiration

Thriving on defying limits and exploring untrodden territory, I use storytelling as my compass. This passion ignited during my childhood adventures as a skater, where mundane structures like handrails transformed into challenges to overcome, pushing me to see the world with fresh eyes. Like removing a mask from the world. My process involves drawing visual […]

Ashleigh’s 2024 Inspiration!

Ashleigh's signature

Heyo! It’s me, Ashleigh. Since my role here at Spraycan is more business-focused, my inspiration is a little different than the rest of our staff.  A driving force in my inspiration is the philosophy called Kaizen. Kaizen is a Japanese term that essentially means “continuous improvement.” Our Business Development Manager Patrick introduced me to it […]

Our Thoughts on AI in Art

drawing of a hand with six fingers on a post-it note

As the days go on, AI has become prevalent in almost every field. In art spaces, especially, it’s a hotly debated topic. At Spraycan, we feel it’s important to talk about our thoughts on AI in art to show where we stand on it, as well as provide a creative’s perspective on the subject. Artificial […]

Madisyn’s 2024 Inspo

Hey there! I’m Madisyn, the Creative Director here at Spraycan. When it comes to what inspires me, I take a lot of my design cues and inspiration from vintage design & art of the WPA movement. Specifically the 13 National Parks series posters that Ranger Doug Leen has been working tirelessly to preserve and to […]

ADA Compliance: More Than Obligation

Mockup of two phones displaying the Cimarron Electric website and the ADA menu

For the most part, the internet has revolutionized accessibility to information, as well as our connections to new ventures and businesses. But, that “most” has yet to become a whole. For millions of people with disabilities, accessing information and communicating online can sometimes feel like more of a struggle than its worth. This is where […]

2024 Design Inspiration: Alex Edition

Happy new year everybody! To kick off 2024, we wanted to share some of our favorite sources of inspiration, ranging from what inspires our design styles to just what keeps us in the zone when we’re in the thick of it on a project. The stash in this specific post is from me, Alex (hi!), […]

Yes, You Need a Website!

A computer monitor and phone mockup, each displaying different pages of the Hilltop Clinic website.

It becomes clearer everyday that the Internet is a necessity for anyone to grow their business. So, using it to your advantage is something that is important to jump on sooner or later, whether it be social media or a website (or, likely, both). We at Spraycan like to view websites as a sort of […]