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788 Main Logo


788 Collection is a company that specializes in CBD & THC bath bombs. They also make other self care items such as THC pain sticks and flavored chapstick.

SprayCan Creative worked with 788 Collection to create a logo that wasn’t your typical cannabis leaf. The 788 Collection identity uses cool tones, gender-neutral imagery, and minimalistic design. This creates a feeling of calm without the design being off-putting to masculine individuals. The seven pointed star imitates the seven points of a cannabis leaf and in some cultures is believed to ward off evil.

788 Main Submark
788 Main Submark
788 Main Submark


Sleek, smart, and high quality- this is what we wanted the 788 Collection packaging to portray. The packaging does more than just hold the product, it is a satisfying experience in and of itself. On the shelf, 788 Collection stands out from the other products and feels substantial and trustworthy.

788 collection pain stick, bath bomb, and chapstick
788 packaging