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Madisyn’s 2024 Inspo

Hey there! I’m Madisyn, the Creative Director here at Spraycan. When it comes to what inspires me, I take a lot of my design cues and inspiration from vintage design & art of the WPA movement. Specifically the 13 National Parks series posters that Ranger Doug Leen has been working tirelessly to preserve and to continue the series of these gorgeous screenprints (I have a few hung up at home).

I also really love being creative outside of the realm of graphic design and traditional art. A great outlet that I have is furniture restoration. I like to take things that are destined for the landfill and give them new life and purpose. It’s refreshing to work with my hands and not be sitting at a screen. It’s problem solving, design, and structure all rolled into one.

My music taste is fairly varied, but ABBA, Phoebe Bridgers, boygenius, MUNA, Lizzy McAlpine, and The 1975 are always on rotation. If I had to describe my music taste, I think “bops for crybabies” just about sums it up.

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*This post was written by a human named Madisyn.