A sketchbook laid open flat with various notes written on it, covered in post-it notes, one of which is in the center and reads "strategy." There is a Spraycan branded pen resting at the top of the open pages.

The Strategy of Building a Brand

We’ve already discussed exactly why branding is important for your business, but what exactly does the behind the scenes of building that brand look like? At Spraycan, we provide branding services for small businesses, big businesses, new startups, whoever needs us. When a business comes to us with the need for an identity, or to refresh an already existing brand, we create a strategy following these essential steps:

  • Defining your brand’s core identity: This involves understanding your company’s mission, values, and target audience.
  • Developing a unique brand voice: Your brand’s voice should be consistent, authentic, and resonate with your target audience.
  • Creating a cohesive visual identity: This encompasses your logo, color palette, typography, and overall aesthetic.
  • Crafting a brand messaging framework: This includes your brand’s taglines, marketing materials, and customer communication guidelines.
  • Establishing a brand presence: This involves building a strong online presence, engaging with social media, and participating in industry events.

Everyone needs a good checklist, so we love following this one, and adjusting it to each client’s unique needs. Partnering with people in order to give an outside perspective, especially from the design industry, is important in order to bring out unique ideas that may be missed from a lone perspective. Brands should be able to form connections with mass amounts of people, so having more than one brain involved in its creation is absolutely essential. And working with the coolest people who happen to be our clients is just a bonus!

*This post was written by a human named Alex.