Gazillions of Gifts

Maggie Fuchs, owner of “Southwestern Scents” came to us needing new branding for some speciality jarred food items she would be selling. Maggie wanted to distinguish her new line from the products she was already selling. That’s when we jumped in, and went to work.

When deciding on a name for her new product line, we really wanted something that would still reflect her business as a whole. Incorporating “gifts” into the new name seemed appropriate. Maggie sells an abundance of knick knack items, which always make easy gifts. From Beanie Babies to food, and funky locker decorations, she has something for everyone! Given her seemingly endless variety of product choices, “Gazillions” also seemed to fit. Once we had the new name picked out, we began to work on her logo. The logo we created really represents the clients personality! The bright blue and orange, paired with an adorable hand-drawn gift, really encompass Maggie’s sweet and spunky nature! The contrast of funky and elegant typefaces pulls the logo together, and refines the branding image as a whole!

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