I never thought of that! Social Media Tips.

Likes Vs. Engagement

Does your competition have tons of social media likes, but you only have a few? Just look at the engagement.

Many companies have tons of likes, will create social media content, and the posts will have 1 or 2 shares or likes. Having only a couple of shares per post shows a low engagement for the company and its readers. Just because a company has a lot of likes does not mean it has a large following.

Content that is engaging will bring more real “likes” to your social media outlets.

Don’t let false numbers fool you. Engagement is the true measure of your business and its social media followers. Make sure you have content that people want to share.

Encourage the authors and others in the company to share. Once your content is shared, it becomes easier for others to share. So make sure you and your employees share your new content.

Need assistance in creating that sweet, sharable content? Give us a call and we can help you make it happen.

~Spraycan Creative

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